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Bringing home the lost

About Us

Urban Rescue is an outreach ministry that takes the Word of Jesus Christ to the streets of Orlando, and surrounding areas. We minister to and love on those who are lost and misguided by the world. Our goal is not only to physically feed the homeless and less fortunate, but to feed them spiritually as well. We use the truth of God’s Word to teach, and show His love to the people of the streets who are usually passed by and forgotten.

Our mission is to minister to each person one on one, and to show them that life is not hopeless. We want them to see the light which is Jesus Christ… the light of the world. If you or someone you know is homeless or in need, Urban Rescue is committed to walking with you. We are here to be Spiritual Leaders, to stand by your side, and to see you through the difficult times. Our hope is that your testimony is one that will reign victorious.

Contact Us

Brian & Allison Lichtenstrahl

BBQ on Saturday evenings @ 7:00pm Please call for details.